December 7th, 2009

So if you read the “official press release” you’ll know that East Of The Wall had a lineup change, but what this essentially means is that East Of The Wall and Biclops are one band. Who didn’t see this coming? Yes, we know this makes the history of our names now a college level class, but that’s kind of the point: we’re done with confusing people. We’re one collective, we have been for a while, and now we have one name.

The long and short of it was that we love Mike to death but he had other obligations, so Seth filled his throne. Chris was already leaning East Of The Wall songs to be the touring guitar player since Matt can’t tour, so when the drummer swap happened East Of The Wall was now in an interesting position. Effectively, the live East lineup was Biclops.

So we’ve thrown up our hands and said screw it. There’s no point in arbitrarily dividing our music into instrumental and vocal bands. We’ll still play instrumental music and music with vocals. The writing and local show lineup will be all five of us, but we’ll tour as a four-piece. We’ll probably have specific focuses for individual records going forward so as not to muddy the waters, but honestly it’s all uncharted territory, which is pretty exciting.

But enough abstraction. What does this mean in the short term? Well first of all we have split ep with Rosetta and Year Of No Light, which was just released by Translation Loss.

Next, you might recall that Biclops has a record fully recorded, which we have titled Ressentiment. This will be the first full-length release by the new East Of The Wall collective, via Translation Loss this summer.

Then in 2011 we’ll be releasing the first record written entirely by the new lineup. We have it almost halfway completed already, and the plan is to not leave any of our fans out to dry. Not to get too specific but we have a pretty big idea for a concept record that’ll span the breadth of everything we’ve done.

We’ll be touring the hell out of 2010, so check back with us soon.

- East of the Wall

9 Responses to “Regarding the band merger…”

  1. Tom says:

    i told you guys to do this two years ago before the name change to biclops. im a genius. you guys are hilarious.

  2. Chris says:

    But at the time there was only one band member in common. Now it’s less crazy.

  3. Natasha says:

    New limited edition T-shirt idea–perhaps for all those pre-order bundles Translation Loss is so fond of:

    front–insert B&W thumbnails of everyone who’s been in this band — prison line-up/mug shot style]
    back–the family tree of band names

    would also work in reverse. looking forward to all your musical input as usual. congrats on the new (& time will tell if final) identity. =)

  4. Olivia says:


  5. KP says:

    I like this. To be honest, I sort of preferred the direction East of the Wall was going in to Biclops anyways. Now I’ll finally get to hear some Wall songs live.

    Now all you have to do is RELEASE THE FUCKING POSTMAN DEMOS. Sorry, that was uncalled for.

  6. adam k says:

    can you squeeze all parallels in this line up? is there room???

    Van bar

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  8. Bards says:

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  9. Chris says:

    Yeah, I was going to mark that message as spam, but then I realize it really IS tough to find a good filter.

    p.s. Matt you know you have a login here. You don’t have to post anonymously.

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