East Of The Wall is (L-R): Matt Lupo: guitar and vocals, Chris Alfano: bass and vocals, Ray Suhy: guitar, Greg Kuter: guitar and vocals, Seth Rheam: drums.


For a band that titled its first LP Farmer’s Almanac, East Of The Wall offers little to fans of predictability. The group’s catalog is a slap in the face to any would-be prognosticator. Each album has varied wildly in identity and scope. The debut was a purely instrumental sojourn that ranged from majestic to frantic. Sophomore release Ressentiment added vocals and an increased focus on aggression and dissonance. Tertiary album The Apologist split the difference and garnered widespread acclaim in doing so.

Now East Of The Wall have released Redaction Artifacts, perhaps the most dense record the band has yet created. Although the band has upped the intensity in scope and musicianship, Redaction Artifacts may be most immediately rewarding to the casual listener. In part this accessibility is due to the confidence of band’s new melodic vocalist/guitarist Greg Kuter, as well as the growth of screamed vocalist/bassist Chis Alfano (formerly screams and guitar on previous releases). Particularly impactful is the melodic interplay of Kuter with guitarist/vocalist Matt Lupo, who has taken a more active role as a singer after having performed only a few parts on The Apologist. With each album East Of The Wall has upped its vocal game, but never before has the group succeeded so thoroughly.

What’s most impressive is that East Of The Wall has increased its immediacy without dumbing the music down. Redaction Artifacts sees the members pushing their playing and composition beyond past boundaries. New lead guitarist Ray Suhy is a brilliant addition, and drummer Seth Rheam turns in his most inspired performance to date. East Of The Wall’s guitar acrobatics remain as creative as ever, and the signature bass growl thunders and weaves through the mix.  Redaction Artifacts retains the band’s usual powerful yet natural recording fidelity, devoid of drum samples, auto-tune, and brick wall compression.

Redaction Artifacts was tracked by Eric Rachel (Municipal Waste, God Forbid, Burnt By The Sun, Skid Row) at Trax East and Todd Hutchinsen (Zud, The Baltic Sea) at Acadia Recording, and was mixed by Eric Rachel at Trax East. It will be released October 29th via Translation Loss. Vinyl licensed in the US by Science Of Silence.

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East Of The Wall (EP), 2006
Farmer’s Almanac
, 2008 (Forgotten Empire)
split with Rosetta and Year Of No Light (EP), 2009 (Translation Loss/Vega Vinyl/Denovali)
Ressentiment, 2010 (Translation Loss)
The Apologist, 2011 (Translation Loss)
Redaction Artifacts, 2013 (Translation Loss)

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Deceibel (issue 072)
“Put simply, East Of The Wall have have written a minor prog-metal masterpiece without being assholes about it.”

“The intricate balancing act between vocals and instrumental numbers continues, but this time it exudes an indelibly organic air. Delicate melodies rife with jangling chords and angular riffing instill beauty. While brutish eruptions of combative Neurosis-like bellowing shatter the tranquility. It’s a dizzyingly vicious cycle, but one that the band approach with enough intelligence to foster both diversity and vitality.”

All Music
“In the end it all adds up to one of the most impressive and validating displays of progressive ambitions likely to be heard in 2011, and makes The Apologist a virtual gauntlet to be picked up by all those who would challenge East of the Wall’s newfound dominance in this competitive field.”

This Is Not A Scene
““The Apologist” by East Of The Wall will thrill people with a taste for adventurous, cutting-edge and highly original music. I prefer this record over any release by Dream Theater or Opeth.”

Heavy Blog Is Heavy
“The band, despite showing signs of easing into their sound for good, avoid putting themselves into one single cover. They let loose and go for all-out tech-wizardry wow factor on the absolutely insane and unfittingly titled “Underachiever” to the slightly more subdued and emotionally-driven “Linear Failure,” which is contender for guitar solo of the year.”

Metal Reviews
“From shorter pieces like Horseback Riding In A Bicycle to the seven-minute title track, East Of The Wall have crafted a high-quality album here, sitting on the progressive wall between post-hardcore and metal, with a firm grasp on the jazzy influences that help give the music such a vibrant, alive feel. Even the moments with largely clean-singing vocals, such as on the penultimate Whiskey Sipper, avoid the usual ‘core pitfalls and have an oddly human power of their own that is only built upon by the harsh vocals rather than contradicted. This is far from ‘pillow-biting’, as the final track Underachiever shows, violent technical bursts topped off with a melodic guitar line almost at odds with the rest of the music, but making a perfect sense. If only all hardcore was this good.”
“The record is energetic and robust, as the band ups the technical aspects of the music. The instrumentals bust out with fabulous lead guitar harmonies, and the calmer sections feel more tangible and emotional. The Apologist excels in its most adventurous moments, where the electricity given off by the tight cohesion between the five band members is reflected throughout.

Sputnik Music
“The Apologist is an incredibly interesting album that plays to its strengths nearly flawlessly. The songwriting is great, the riffs are fantastic and in general, it’s just a joy to listen to.

Metal Blast
“East Of The Wall supply a seemingly never ending supply of thick riffs and interesting drum-play that accentuates each other nicely, and vocals almost feel like a treat when heard.

Heavy Metal Time Machine
“Not only is this the next step of East Of The Wall as far as their career goes but also another shinning example of just how good metal can be despite not fitting into any one’s neat little package.”

Scratch The Surface
“The Apologist is a great, well crafted record and is worthy of the attention of anyone into great, challenging and inventive music”

Lords Of Metal
“Het is met afstand de beste plaat van East Of The Wall tot nu toe. ‘The Apologist’ is de ideale plaat voor iedereen die zowel Isis als de oude Mastodon mist. Een nieuwe ster aan het post-metal firmament.”

“…you most likely haven’t heard this many annoying Phish-y style bass jams in a while.”

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