September 29th, 2011

We just posted another new song from The Apologist. This one’s called “False Build.” You can hear it streaming at:

The Apologist will be released October 25th via Translation Loss on CD and digital, and via Antithetic on vinyl. You can preorder at the links below.

Finally, we’re still looking for help booking a couple remaining shows for our upcoming tour. If anyone can help us set something up, or is in a band in these areas, then we’d be most indebted if you dropped us a line at band (at)
10/27/2011  – Indianapolis/Fort Wayne, IN or Detroit, MI
11/07/2011 – San Francisco/Oakland/Sacramento/Bakersfield, CA
11/12/2011 – Amarillo/Lubbock, TX
11/16/2011 – New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA or Pensacola, FL

- Chris
August 23rd, 2011

The Apologist

Exploratory New Jersey-born prog-metal peddlers EAST OF THE WALL are preparing to drop their third full-length slab of methodologically unique output, The Apologist, this Autumn. Longtime followers of this act, and the numerous related current or previous acts leading up to this recording — including but definitely not limited to The Postman Syndrome, Day Without Dawn, El Drugstore, Argonauts  — have been awaiting this release for some time.

In preparation of the forthcoming tech-fusion upheaval of The Apologist, longtime EAST OF THE WALL supporters MetalSucks have graciously hosted the public’s first listen to the band’s latest output, in the form of the eleventh track from the album, “Whiskey Sipper” [although both MetalSucks and Earsplit know we do more than "sip" whiskey when the band play in around here].

Tune in to survey the new EOTW terrain at

The Apologist was recorded earlier this year by Andrew Schneider at Translator Audio in Brooklyn (Cave In, Pelican, Keelhaul, Unsane, Rosetta), and boasts 47 minutes of EAST OF THE WALL’s aggressive and angular metallic assault at its most cohesive to date. This week the band have let loose the final artwork and track listing for the release’s multiple incarnations, with a confirmed street date of October 25th, both for the CD/digital release via Translation Loss, and for the double 12″ vinyl release licensed to Antithetic Records, available in three different color variations.

The CD is available for preorder here and the LP here.

EAST OF THE WALL will beat the country senseless with their engaging live prowess for over a month in support of the album right in time for its official street date in late October. In longstanding tradition, the band are booking this venture themselves, and in many cases they are unable to announce several of the shows and are also still looking to lock down a few shows along the route. Anybody interested in booking the outfit on the designated shows please contact EOTW directly at: band[@], or simply counter this correspondence.

EAST OF THE WALL Confirmed Tour Dates:
10/21/2011 @ The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ [record release] w/ Abacinate, The Ghost In Black And White
10/22/2011 @ Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY [record release/CMJ show] w/ Dysrhythmia, Meek Is Murder, City Of Ships
10/24/2011 @ Vintage Vinyl – Fords, NJ [record release]
10/25/2011 @ Gooski’s – Pittsburg, PA w/ Tidal Arms
10/26/2011 @ Annabell’s Bar & Lounge – Akron, OH w/ Tidal Arms
10/27/2011  ***Booking help needed*** Indianapolis/Fort Wayne, IN or Detroit, MI w/ Tidal Arms
10/28/2011 @ Memories – Chicago, IL w/ Tidal Arms
10/29/2011 @ Stages Live – Waterloo, IA  w/ Iron Thrones
10/30/2011 @ Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, MN w/ Iron Thrones
10/31/2011 @ The New Direction – Fargo, ND w/ Iron Thrones
11/01/2011 @ Latitude 44 – Sioux Falls, SD
11/02/2011 @ The Bourbon Theater – Lincoln, NE w/ Masses
11/03/2011 @ Old Curtis Street Bar – Denver, CO w/ Adai, Iron Horse
11/04/2011 @ Rock Bottom Bar – Rock Springs, WY
11/05/2011 @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Loom, I Am The Ocean
11/06/2011 @ Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor – Reno, NV
11/07/2011 ***Booking help needed*** San Francisco/Oakland/Sacramento/Bakersfield, CA w/ Goes Cube
11/08/2011 @ Coconuts – Capistrano Beach, CA w/ Black Sheep Wall, White Arms Of Athena
11/09/2011 @ Vacation Vinyl – Los Angeles, CA (early show)
11/09/2011 @ Three Clubs – Los Angeles, CA w/ Black Sheep Wall, White Arms Of Athena
11/10/2011 @ TBA – Phoenix, AZ w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/11/2011 @ Warehouse 21 – Albuquerque, NM w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/12/2011 ***Booking help needed*** Amarillo/Lubbock, TX w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/13/2011 @ The Door – Dallas, TX w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/14/2011 ***Booking help needed***- Little Rock, AR w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/15/2011 @ The Squeaky Lizard – Ocean Springs, MS w/ White Arms Of Athena
11/16/2011 @ Siberia – New Orleans, LA
11/17/2011 @ The Farside – Tallahasse, FL w/ Dickicker
11/18/2011 @ Cool Hand Luc’s – Fort Myers, FL w/ Dickicker
11/19/2011 @ Will’s Pub – Orlando w/ Dickicker
11/20/2011 @ Club 2 Ten – Savannah, GA w/ Meek Is Murder, Howler, Indian Giver
11/21/2011 @ The Milestone – Charlotte, NC w/ Meek Is Murder, Mr. Invisible
11/22/2011 @ Strange Matter- Richmond, VA w/ Meek Is Murder, Hex Machine

The Apologist Track Listing:
01. Naif
02. Linear Failure
03. My Favorite Society Guy
04. False Build
05. Precious Memories
06. The Apologist
07. Running Tab Of Sweetness
08. Horseback Riding In A Bicycle
09. A Functional Tumor
10. Nurser Of Small Hurts
11. Whiskey Sipper
12. Underachiever

Promos of The Apologist will be available worldwide in the coming weeks via Earsplit. For any coverage requests, pitches/ideas for the available live shows or other info on EAST OF THE WALL get in touch with Earsplit anytime at EarsplitPR[@]

- East Of The Wall
August 18th, 2011

The Apologist

Preorders for the apologist are now LIVE, and the official release date is October 25th. Here are the links you need…

CD: Translation Loss

Vinyl: Antithetic Records

Finally, we’ll be premiering new music this Tuesday, so stay tuned, and try not to pee your shorts all at once. Shorts are expensive. Not as expensive as pants, true. So maybe pee in them just a little.

- Chris
August 14th, 2011


We’ll be doing a radio interview on Seton Hall, New Jersey’s 89.5FM WSOU, this Monday around 6pm (give or take). For those of you out of range, go to and you can livestream from there.

- Chris
June 30th, 2011

Technical metal subversives EAST OF THE WALL have completed the recording process for their upcoming third full-length, The Apologist, the highly anticipated opus set for release this October on Translation Loss Records for the CD and digital release, and on Antithetic for the vinyl release. The album’s official release date, track listing and more will be announced within the next few weeks.

In support of the upcoming album, EAST OF THE WALL have begun planning a month-long U.S. Fall tour, with Goes Cube, Iron Thrones and Tidal Arms and more joining them for various legs of the journey. The tentative schedule, running from late October to late November, is posted at EOTW’s shows page. Anyone who could be of assistance in setting up a show, in or near one of these cities, can contact the band directly at band[@]

Oct 21 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint w/ Abacinate, The Ghost In Black And White
Oct 22 – New York, NY @ TBA w/ Meek Is Murder
Oct 24 – Fords, NJ @ Vintage Vinyl
Oct 25 – Pittsburg, PA @ Gooski’s w/ Tidal Arms
Oct 26 – Akron, OH @ TBA w/ Tidal Arms
Oct 27 – ***Booking help needed*** Indianapolis/Fort Wayne, IN w/ Tidal Arms
Oct 28 – ***Booking help needed*** Chicago, IL w/ Tidal Arms
Oct 29 – ***Booking help needed*** Iowa City, IA or Milwaukee, WI w/ Iron Thrones
Oct 30 – Minneapolis, MN @ TBA w/ Iron Thrones
Oct 31 – Fargo, ND @ The New Direction w/ Iron Thrones
Nov 01 – ***Booking help needed*** Sioux Falls, SD
Nov 02 – Lincoln, NE @ The Bourbon Theater w/ Masses
Nov 03 – Denver, CO @ Old Curtis Street Bar w/ Goes Cube, Adai, Iron Horse
Nov 04 – Rock Springs, WY @ TBA w/ Goes Cube
Nov 05 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge w/ Goes Cube, I Am The Ocean
Nov 06 – Reno, NV @ Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor w/ Goes Cube
Nov 07 – ***Booking help needed*** San Francisco, CA w/ Goes Cube
Nov 08 – Capistrano Beach, CA @ Coconuts w/ Black Sheep Wall, White Arms Of Athena
Nov 09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Vacation Vinyl (early show)
Nov 09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Three Clubs w/ Black Sheep Wall, White Arms Of Athena
Nov 10 – Phoenix, AZ @ TBA w/ White Arms Of Athena
Nov 11 – ***Booking help needed*** Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM w/ White Arms Of Athena
Nov 12 – ***Booking help needed*** Amarillo/Lubbock, TX w/ White Arms Of Athena
Nov 13 – Dallas, TX @ The Door w/ White Arms Of Athena
Nov 14 – Little Rock, AK @ TBA w/ White Arms Of Athena
Nov 15 – Hattiesburg, MS @ TBA w/ White Arms Of Athena
Nov 16 – ***Booking help needed*** New Orleans, LA or Pensacola, FL or Birmingham, AL
Nov 17 – Tallahasse, FL @ The Farside w/ Dickicker
Nov 18 – Fort Myers, FL @ Cool Hand Luc’s w/ Dickicker
Nov 19 – ***Booking help needed*** Orlando/Gainesville/Lakeland/Jacksonville w/ Dickicker
Nov 20 – Savannah, GA  @ Club 2 Ten w/ Meek Is Murder, Howler, Indian Giver
Nov 21 – Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone w/ Meek Is Murder, Mr. Invisible
Nov 22 – Richmond, VA @ TBA w/ Meek Is Murder

Stay tuned for more tour and album updates on EAST OF THE WALL in the imminent future. For all press requests contact

- East Of The Wall
April 11th, 2011

So it looks like we won’t have copies of Ressentiment vinyl at the show. We were supposed to get 2 boxes but it seems that DHL may have lost one of them. We’re investigating and will keep you posted.

If you preordered by March 17th we’ll be shipping out your vinyl this week. If you ordered after that we’ll be shipping as soon as we find the missing box, or can get a new one from Germany.

We’re really sorry about the delay. If anyone who ordered after March 17th would like a refund, email us and we’ll take care of it. Thanks everyone.

- Chris
March 11th, 2011

EAST OF THE WALL is extremely excited to announce that they will enter the studio on May 8th to begin work on their next record, The Apologist. The New Jersey-based technical metal unit will be recording at Translator Audio in Brooklyn, New York with Andrew Schneider, renowned for his work with Cave In, Pelican, Keelhaul, Unsane, Rosetta, City of Ships, Made Out of Babies and many others.

The tentative track listing for The Apologist is as follows:

“False Build”
“Linear Failure”
“My Favorite Society Guy”
“Precious Memories”
“The Apologist”
“Running Tab of Sweetness”
“Horseback Riding In A Bicycle World”
“A Functional Tumor”
“Nurser of Small Hurts”
“Whiskey Sipper”

The Apologist will be released this fall by Translation Loss Records, as with their acclaimed previous album, 2010’s Ressentiment. EAST OF THE WALL will be supporting the record with extensive touring.

In addition, Ressentiment, will be released on vinyl in Europe on March 11th, via Germany’s I.Corrupt.Records. Preorders for American import copies are currently being taken at the band’s official website:

EAST OF THE WALL upcoming shows:
3/24/2011 Union Pool – Brooklyn, NY w/ Meek Is Murder (record release show) and Wizardry
4/02/2011 Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ (Jay Sica benefit) w/ Abacinate, The Binary Code, Fit for An Autopsy, Sydbarret, The Ghost In Black and White, many more

Stay tuned for continuous updates on the band’s live actions as well as updates on the upcoming album. Contact Earsplit PR for all press requests for EAST OF THE WALL.

- East Of The Wall
March 6th, 2011

We’re now taking Ressentiment vinyl orders. The long awaited double-lp version of our last record is finally being released on March 11th, thanks to the fantastic I.Corrupt.Records from Wiesbaden, Germany.

European folks can pick up the record directly from I.Corrupt, but our American and Canadian buddies can get it either from us at our webstore, or through Translation Loss.

Orders should begin shipping in mid-march.

- Chris
February 18th, 2011

There are a lot of albums from our back catalog of our current and former bands, and only a couple have been available for sale digitally. We’ve finally rectified that problem. As of now every single one of our releases is available for purchase from the major online retailers like iTunes and Amazon.

They’re also processing for approval at Emusic, Zune marketplace, and Spotify. Some are already through the process but if you’re looking for one of our albums through these smaller sites and you don’t see them there yet, try back in a few days.

The Postman Syndrome – “God Relieve Our Grief” & “Terraforming”
iTunes, Amazon, Zune

Day Without Dawn – “Understanding Consequences” & self-titled demo
iTunes, Amazon, Zune

East Of The Wall – self-titled demo
iTunes, Amazon, Emusic, Zune

We’re about to go into the studio soon so if you want to help fund the band and get some music in the process, here’s your chance. Make it count, kiddo.

- Chris
January 25th, 2011

Wednesday: Santos Part House in New York, w/ Kylesa, Rosetta, Fight Amp
Friday: New Wave Cafe in New Bedford, MA w/ Necris, Mother Night, Buddy Revell
Saturday: Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY with Starkweather, Cowards, Ebony Sorrow

The Saturday show is an all day show. It’s half horror movies and half music. It starts at 12:00pm and the bands go on at around 5 or so.

- East Of The Wall
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