October 28th, 2010

I’ve noticed that we’ve been neglecting our website a bit in favor of our Facebook page. Sorry about that. It’s just easier to post there from our phones and such, so you should befriend us at www.facebook.com/eastofthewall or at least bookmark us, since we tend to do smaller quick posts there.

Regardless, we’ll make more of a point of posting all the important things here, like for example footage from our recent European tour with Radare. Those guys did what don’t tend to do anymore: pull out the video camera. Also the picture quality of their camera makes ours look like a toy.

These are the first two parts of a four-part series. They plan to post these weekly, or close to, so part three should be coming any day now. I’ve embedded them below, but I really recommend clicking the hd link to go to the vimeo site and watch it there. The hd version looks great blown up fullscreen.

EAST OF THE WALL & RADARE TOUR – Episode 1 from x-ray charles on Vimeo.

EAST OF THE WALL & RADARE TOUR – Episode 2 from x-ray charles on Vimeo.

- Chris Alfano

One Response to “European Tour Footage”

  1. Chris says:

    Okay, so the embedding doesn’t seem to work on our site, but just follow the link. It’s a better quality version anyway.

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